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“Stephanie is an incredibly kind, patient and dedicated wedding coordinator. She was a gift to have alongside me for this crazy journey of wedding planning and she made so many of the challenging work smooth sailing for us– which allowed me to focus on experiencing the engagement season with my fiancé and family! From finding great deals with several vendors to approaching vendors with my visions and making them come to life, she was a treasure to us for the entire engagement season and on our wedding day.

Stephanie has a way of managing details to create a smooth and just-as-you-had-always-hoped kind of day. She was dedicated to all the requests we expressed and she always checked in just out of care for me as a bride. Everything that Stephanie helped us arrange was beautiful, well-planned and carefully considered. She invested in our visions and did whatever she could to understand our hoped-for outcome! Her ability to create beautiful, memorable experiences for others in the midst of their most celebrated moments is a rare find and I think she is successful because she truly cares for her clients. Stephanie’s character and natural positive, joyful spirit leads her to approach every aspect of her work with diligence and joy. Going against the pressure-filled, fast-paced wedding culture we’re amongst, Stephanie is a breath of fresh air, confident and kind, sure and dedicated and I felt freedom to just be exactly who I was as a bride- we stayed focused on the things I hoped for, rather than what our culture says I should do. It was one of the best decisions I made for our wedding planning season. There are no words or gifts that are thanks enough for Stephanie’s care for us!” – Leslie L., bride

“Having Stephanie help plan my wedding and do day-of coordination was a huge reason why I can easily say my wedding day was the absolute best day ever. Stephanie took away so many of my worries and stresses and really allowed me to relax and enjoy getting married! She is so professional and talented at what she does. It was such a huge blessing to have someone I could trust handling the most important event of my life! I really do not know how I would have survived being engaged or getting married without her. She was there for me every step of the way and I could not be more thankful for her support and guidance throughout everything.

Stephanie makes planning and coordinating a wedding look easy because she is truly great at it. She is so organized and on top of everything that once I put something in her hands, I no longer had to think about it. I really felt like there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do or handle. I would recommend her to anyone looking for assistance in making their wedding dreams come true. As cliche as that sounds, that is just what Stephanie did for me!” – Ashley U., bride

“I am using Stephanie Scholl Events for my upcoming wedding and I have already been blown away by her work! She helped me in designing, styling, and planning a brunch for my bridesmaids and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Not only does she have an incredible eye for styling events, but her heart is what makes her the most special. Her joyfulness is like no other and she instantly makes you feel calm and worry-free about everything you have going on. I would highly recommend her for not only wedding planning, but party planning as well. Bridal showers, brunches, you name it. LOVE her!” – Shelby V., bride

“I would tell any and everyone that this decision was the best decision my daughter and I made in planning her July 16 th wedding in Chapel Hill! For months we both refused to hire a Wedding Planner -We are pretty organized, had a wedding director at the church and an Event person at our reception venue so I thought we don’ t need this … This is where we can save money- as time progressed we changed our mind and I can’ t tell you how thankful we are to have worked with Stephanie and her team-As the Mother of the Bride I would have missed all of Saturday with my daughter and spent all of Saturday night packing stuff up, paying vendors , worrying about what time to do the father/ daughter dance or cut the cake etc. Stephanie worked with vendors, called all the vendors the week of, set a time line for the entire day, came to rehearsal and other vendor meetings ….. She literally thought of everything and when my daughter walked over at the reception and someone had stepped on the lace of her dress who had safety pens to fix it???? Stephanie-There are so many moving parts and Stephanie and team handle everything with grace . Having them there allowed me to enjoy EVERYTHING- I didn’t t even wear a watch to the wedding I just wanted to take it all in and that’s what they gave my husband and I – A stress free , beautiful , joyful wedding day for our daughter -They know their stuff, have excellent taste and design direction!!!They know what they are doing and helped me make decisions that were BEST!

Don’t spend months planning your daughters wedding and then get stressed out the week of, or day of and not share in the pure JOY of this day with your own daughter! Too many of my friends told me that’s what they remember from their own daughters wedding-
There really aren’t adequate words to express our thanks, satisfaction and just the perfect day Stephanie Scholl Events gave our family-She is a joy to work with! – Amy C., mother of the bride

“Stephanie was the nicest, kindness, organized and most joyful wedding planner. We could not have pulled off this wedding without her. She made everything wonderfully seamless and was a pleasure to be around. She was so detailed oriented and it truly showed on the day of our wedding. At our wedding my dress ripped and Stephanie was there in no time stitching my dress so I could get back on the dance floor. I would recommend her to everyone!!” – Kate P., bride

“The best wedding planning decision EVER! I hired Stephanie as a month-of coordinator. She checked in on me each month leading up to my wedding, was extremely prompt in all of her responses, and was willing to help with anything and everything. Stephanie did a great job of easing my nerves by taking on tasks that worried me. She was also able to talk to and negotiate with vendors that I had a difficult time contacting. She met with my husband and me before our wedding, helped us set up the reception space the day before, helped coordinate the rehearsal, and was with us the entire day of the wedding. Neither me nor my family members had to worry about a single thing on wedding day, because we knew Stephanie had everything under control. All of this in addition to the fact that Stephanie is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met makes her simply amazing!” – Jordan R., bride

“Stephanie was awesome to work with and absolutely went above and beyond to make sure our wedding day went off without a hitch. We hired her for day of coordination, but she was in consistent contact in the months leading up to the wedding to be sure we were on the same page and she had all the info she needed. She even helped me put together our floral arrangements a few days before the wedding! She did a great job helping set up decor and managing the vendors. I truly did not lift a finger on our wedding day. It was a joyous day and Stephanie was a huge reason why. Run, do not walk, to book this girl!” – Alicia R., bride

“I could not have imagined a more amazing wedding planner than Stephanie! I knew that I wanted someone who could take my very straw-man idea for a wedding theme and turn it into something truly beautiful and truly fitting for my husband and me. From the very first communication with Stephanie, I felt at ease and very comfortable and I knew that she had everything under control. She’s very professional and is very prompt with her communication. She took every request that I had and managed to execute it flawlessly the day of. She also provided us with many ideas and suggestions that turned out to be perfect for our wedding day.

When I told Stephanie that we had a limited budget on flowers, she informed me that she could do all the flower arrangements for us and her rates were very affordable. She even picked out all of the flowers that I needed to order so that all I had to do was make the order. She made everything from our bouquets to all of the flowers for the ceremony and the reception – and they were incredibly beautiful. They may have been one of my favorite parts of my wedding. Flowers were just one of the many DIY items Stephanie helped us with.

Probably one of the biggest challenges that I had for the wedding was incorporating old soda bottles that my father collected. My dad passed away a few years ago and I wanted to have the bottles there as a way to have him be a part of the wedding. When I told Stephanie about the bottles, not only did she get super excited about the challenge, but she immediately went to work on thinking of ideas on how to incorporate. In the end, they were incredibly beautiful and became the focal point of our tables. Having that turn out as wonderful as they did just made the day feel complete even though my dad was not there.

I could not recommend a more kind, professional and wonderful wedding planner than Stephanie!” – Beth Anne P., bride